We, Denwol, are proud to be working on a concept for the development of the land across 9 – 13 and 15 Clifford Street in Suffolk Park. After consultation with Council, ecological and planning consultants we purchased the land in 2020 and have been looking at numerous concepts since that time. We are now at the place where we are ready to share our draft plans with the local community.

To preserve as many of the existing trees as possible the proposed building footprint has been restricted to approximately 45% of the site, or 1845m². The mixed-use precinct would comprise two buildings with parking underneath at ground level, dedicated biodiversity offset planting zones covering 1564m² and additional landscaped areas.

The building fronting Clifford Street would be home to commercial/retail at ground level with a tree shaded open café area with kids play on the beach side. Above would be apartments, predominantly dedicated to affordable/key worker housing. The building at the rear is proposed for seven townhouses.

The intention is to maintain the dynamic and friendly nature of the Suffolk Park shopping precinct and Suffolk in general.