8th November 2023

Dear Suffolk Park Community and members of the Suffolk Park Progress Association, 

As you would no doubt be aware, the Land and Environment Court has recently ruled against the appeal lodged in relation to Council’s refusal of our Clifford Street, Suffolk Park Development Application.

We are naturally disappointed, but after giving the matter much consideration, we want to advise you that we have taken the decision not to appeal the Land and Environment Court’s decision.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many locals and residents who provided letters of support and who have been in contact with us. Including those who have expressed their own disappointment that due to amendments necessary during the unsuccessful Land and Environment Court’s process, that we will now not be able to deliver the much-needed housing and affordable housing units as well as the sought-after retail element put forward under the original application.

For anybody interested in understanding more about our original proposal as well as the revised proposal that was before the Court, it is all still here on our website. 

Please feel most welcome to contact us at any time on enquiries@9-15cliffordstreet.com.au or 0290666570.

Kind regards,

Denwol Development Team    


We are pleased to advise that, in response to community input and the issues raised, we have amended our proposal. This proposal for 9-13 Clifford Street is currently before the Land and Environment Court for determination.

The amendments are significant. In summary:

  • Our proposal now incorporates a two-storey building with six townhouses at the rear of the site and a two-storey building facing Clifford Street. This building would incorporate commercial uses on the ground floor, and seven apartments on the first floor, one of which is allocated for affordable housing.

(Note: this has changed from the 12 previously offered affordable housing apartments due to the deletion of the second floor of the development from the original application, based on Council and community feedback regarding neighbourhood character concerns).

  • There is no use of Council land.
  • The proposal is compliant in terms of height, floor space ratio and setbacks on all sides.
  • We have worked very hard to maintain as many trees as is possible. Due to prescribed increased setback requirements (Asset Protection Zones), as well as the requirement for a maximum 15% tree canopy onsite to meet APZ (bushfire) provisions, however, the current proposal has resulted in an increase in the number of trees to be removed.
  • The description of the nine existing dwellings on site has been amended to more accurately reflect the approved uses being three detached dwellings (to the rear of the site) and six ‘holiday cabins’. The holiday cabins were approved on the site under a development consent granted in response to DA80/069 on 10 April 1980. This amendment has occurred through obtaining additional information from Council as part of the ongoing DA process. The current application would result in 13 permanent residential dwellings, replacing the existing six holiday cabins and three other dwellings currently on the site.

Existing nine dwellings on the site

Key DA documents are provided here, including a site plan, artist’s impressions, floor plans and elevations.

If you would like to view the entire DA documentation (565 pages) this can also be found on Council’s website.

Thank you.